Table of Contents

  • How Nursing Homes Were Selected

  • Best Nursing Home Web Sites

  • Nursing Home Associations & Information

  • The Centers For Medicare & Medicaid Services


Public Information Guide on Choosing A Nursing Home

“This information is provided to the public by the official US Government site regarding Medicare. We recommend for more comprehensive and detailed information to go directly to their site at  For easy and quick viewing of their Guide to Choosing a Nursing Home, please click the chapter you would like below.”


  • Choosing the Type of Care You Need

  • Nursing Home Checklist

  • Making Arrangements to Enter a Nursing Home

  • Options for Paying Nursing Home Care

  • Adjusting to Your New Home

  • Guide to Long Term Care

  • Medicare Basics

  • Keeping Active

  • Better Health and You

  • Early Warning Signs of Alzheimer’s

  • Your Guide to Choosing a Nursing Home

  • Who Cares Information Sources

  • Exercise for Seniors

  • Quick Look at Medicare

  • Guide to Nursing Homes

  • A Guide for Older People

  • Nursing Homes: Making the Right Choice

  • Safe Use of Medicines

  • Best Web Links for the Aging and Elderly

  • Top Nursing Home Search Engine

  • Additional Information

  • Glossary

  • Disclaimer